Here are a few of our migration projects; we've done many more in industries ranging from banking to printing.


Environment:Client had a large set of applications running on BTI equipment. The applications consisted of approximately 250 separate programs with a total of about 1 million lines of code.

Requirements: All operational aspects of the environment needed to be preserved so as not to disrupt either internal support staff or the installed customer base. The new system was required to provide better throughput than the existing equipment.

Solution: A complete duplication of the BTI operating environment was provided. this included not only all operating system utilities, command line interpreters, and programming languages, but also a custom Unix "tty" driver to exactly mimic all terminal-related operations on the BTI system. A subsystem running under Unix was developed, giving the client a path to eliminate vendor dependence.

Resolution: Client has installed approximately 6,000 systems. All support and development is done on the new system by Client's original programming staff, with no retraining needed. Existing BTI sites have been upgraded to the new system with no disruption of customer procedures. Client has since ported the software to a different Unix hardware vendor with no additional assistance from Sii needed.

Client:CheckFree Corporation (division now owned by LB Software)

Environment: Client had an application of approximately one million lines of DDS, CL, and COBOL code running on an AS/400.

Requirements: The application was to be moved to several Unix platforms, including an ATT/NCR GIS system and an HP 9000. All datafiles were to be converted to SQL tables with Oracle as the database.

Solution: The application was moved to Unix using our AST/400 translation system, completely duplicating all features and functionality of the AS/400 version without any changes being made to the original sources.

Resolution: The Unix version is now shipping, and is being used in production environments.

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